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3089first attempt at a homemade hammock

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  • Coy
    Oct 1, 2003
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      I went to town this morning and as usual stoped at Fants which used
      to be Hammers Dept store for anybody fimilar with them. As usual I
      spent some time looking over the camo clothing and boots. I asked
      the salesman if they had any camo nylon. Didnt but he said thier was
      some cotton duck in the fabric department. Well I went to look at
      it and decidede it was to heavy and would probably absorb too much
      moisture etc. But I browes through the fabric and found som nylon
      like purple stuff but it had a crinkly feel even thoug it was smooth
      and I could see righ through it. Looked might flimsy though. I
      carried the bolt to the department lady and aske what it was. She
      thought it was rayon. Anyways it was $7.95 a yard. I really wanted
      to get enough for a double bottom but instead went for 10 feet. I
      found some 1/4 poly rope for $2.29 fo 50 feet. Now weight rating
      given. But I decided to try it to. I hurried home and set about
      folding the ends to tie the knot in the fabric. I must not have been
      perfect becaus when I hung it up one side was way looser than the
      other. Is there a trick I am forgetting when folding up the fabric.
      I am thinking that making the fold progressivly shorter or longer
      til the middle is reached the finishin it by going back ti the
      origionl fold width might be worth experimenting on. I'm guessing
      some of yall have already experimented. I also wonder if I did not
      tie the knot exactly the same (in orintation to the top) of the
      hammock. But all is not lost. I can untie everything and start
      over or leave it like it is. Why? Well when I hung it up the low
      side made a perfect seat. When I laid down in it I ras close to the
      edge but in no danger of falling out. I could see out the open
      (long) side real good. the short side was almost a wall of fabric
      straight up but I could see through it pretty good too. I really
      liked it as a seat. it did not cut into my legs like other hammocks
      I have tried and the tall back made by the short side was perfect to
      lean back on. I was still pretty straight up. I could reach the
      ground real easy and I can see cooking from the seat will be a
      breeze. I was by myself but will try to get some photos of it in
      action in a few days. I havent weighted it but I'm guessing it is
      not much over a pound with 20 foot ropes attached. BTW I may cut
      them but I like hate it when I need long ropes and dont have them.
      Needs a tarp and bug netting but for cold weather i need to make a
      pea pod. But that high back side will be a problem if i do. One
      other thing. I may buid another and go with 12 foot length. I am
      broad shouldered and i think the extra lenght would make it squeeze
      at the shoulders a little less.

      Coy Boy
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