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3061RE: Hammock Camping Re: Staying warm in a hammock

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  • Thomas Peltier
    Sep 29, 2003

      I lay most things but here I’m thinking more like a sleeping bag.  You don’t take the winter bag in summer time.  Take enough gear for any condition you may encounter.  Many people have a summer bag and a winter bag.  I’m thinking a three season sleeping system and a winter system.  It would mean two hammocks but if what I’m thinking about works then I should be able to build a very light winter sleep system. 


      I think the layering is still important and all.  I was able to stay warm in the high 30’s in my spear type hammock a few weekends ago in the high sierras  So I’m comfortable with my “3 season” hammock.  Instead of adding a blanket or piling stuff in and under my hammock I’m thinking about just building another hammock. 


      The baffles are the one piece that I’m still working on.  In my home it’s not cold enough to even play with a cold weather hammock right now so I have to wait.  I may build a prototype from heavy material with some down from an old blanket.  I have no idea what the fill is on the down or anything.  Won’t matter in that respect.  If it doesn’t work I can rip the seams and try again until I get something I like. 


      Anyway I’ll let you all know how it goes as soon as I make the sucker.  In fact the mountains are starting to get cold so I may build this guy in the next few weeks.


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