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2964Re: GI -- "Bag of Feathers" insulation

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  • rosaleen43@aol.com
    Sep 23, 2003
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      Let me pass on to you a slick sounding trick that I read some where. Use a shop vac or similar to transfer down.  Make sure the hose is scrupulously clean, then put a piece of nylon stocking over the end.  Suck up the desired amount of down/feathers into the hose, then reverse to blow the fluffy stuff into your creation.



      From: "Ray Garlington" <rgarling@...>
      Subject: GI -- "Bag of Feathers" insulation

      I did some work on the "bag of feathers" insulation and thought these
      observations might help people thinking of making one.  I did not
      test it yet, because the temperatures were not low enough where I was
      in upstate NY.  (Just down to 50F at night)

      Here is what I did:  Cut a piece of sil-nylon about 5'x5', folded it
      in half and sewed the remaining perimeter except for the last 9" or
      so. I sewed each edge, then folded it over and sewed it again
      creating a double sewed seam.  I then opened an old army mummy bag,
      section by section, and transferred all the feathers into the sil-
      nylon bag.  (By the way, this appears to be about twice as many
      feathers as needed to make a good pad.)  I then temporarily closed
      the opening by tying an overhand knot in the fabric.

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