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2938Re: GI -- "Bag of Feathers" insulation

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  • Coy
    Sep 22, 2003
      Hi Ray

      If I follow you your pad is 2.5' wide and 5' long and open in the
      middle. Did you consider baffels of any kind. It seems the down
      will want to congergat at the center and leave the perimeter thin
      but I don't know. Are you still using your HH and if so is this pad
      for it? How will you attach it? I'm picturing it running diagonally
      across the hammock bearly covering some of the entry slit.

      Coy Boy

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Ray Garlington"
      <rgarling@y...> wrote:
      > I did some work on the "bag of feathers" insulation and thought
      > observations might help people thinking of making one. I did not
      > test it yet, because the temperatures were not low enough where I
      > in upstate NY. (Just down to 50F at night)
      > Here is what I did: Cut a piece of sil-nylon about 5'x5', folded
      > in half and sewed the remaining perimeter except for the last 9"
      > so. I sewed each edge, then folded it over and sewed it again
      > creating a double sewed seam. I then opened an old army mummy
      > section by section, and transferred all the feathers into the sil-
      > nylon bag. (By the way, this appears to be about twice as many
      > feathers as needed to make a good pad.) I then temporarily closed
      > the opening by tying an overhand knot in the fabric.
      > Problems:
      > 1. When you open the mummy bag to extract the feathers, they will
      > fly everywhere. I tried using a spray bottle of water, which
      > them a little, but then they stuck to my fingers. In the end, I
      > worked outside on a porch on a calm day and settled for a little
      > and a cleanup job.
      > 2. Sil-nylon has zero porosity. When you go to stuff this bag,
      > takes a long time to force the air out through the seams. I need
      > make a valve of some sort, or put in a section of some very
      > breathable fabric.
      > 3. not cold enough to test
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