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2894Re: Breaking Strength of support webbing/rope/cord

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  • Dave Womble
    Sep 16, 2003

      That's how we usually learn, we challenge something and see what
      falls out. As long as we are having fun... and I guess we are or we
      wouldn't be spending or time on these web sites. Now you have to
      admit, the experiment you did was fun, right?

      Now about all that bouncing up & down in the hammock...


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "subypower" <a9144me@a...>
      > well i guess i get to defend myself now... but i did an experiment
      > prove either way so here it goes:
      > took my mayan hammock, strung it up with a scale on one end
      > put 30 lbs ( loaded pack )in the hammock, and change angle of
      > record numbers
      > well here it is ( all angles aprox. ):
      > 30 17 lbs
      > 45 22 lbs
      > 15 37 lbs
      > well I was wrong and bow to everyones master hood
      > but it is not as bad as the math says it is... never doubled the
      > original weight on each end but did increase past the weight
      > so in retrospect a 200 lb person would put about 250 lbs per side
      > 15 or so degrees and the standard rating i have heard is 4 times
      > working load should be the min breaking point, so you want 1000 lb
      > straps ( 4 times is also the DOT rating for pressure vessels )
      > so i go now bowing out the door
      > scott
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