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2863Can't get comfortable in my Clark

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  • chrisolavitch
    Sep 13, 2003
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      I purchased an older Clark Jungle hammock which had been used two
      times. I spent three horrible nights trying to get the thing
      liveable. I felt like it was wrapped around me like a giant piece of
      duct tape. I tried adjusting the curve with no success. I also felt
      like it was too small(short). I am only 5'-8". Is it just me? I
      absolutely love the idea but couldn't make it work.

      I had first tried a nylon "brazilian" type and loved it. I could lay
      at an angle and slept great. But the Clark didn't work. I did a ton
      of reading before purchasing the Clark and felt it was the coolest
      thing out there. The quality is great!

      Would a hammock with a spreader bar help my comfort?

      Any help would be appreciated. This group was a great idea, whoever
      started it. Two thumbs up!

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