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2855Re: Hammock Camping Alcohol Stove Construction?

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  • Dennis Shubitowski
    Sep 12, 2003
      Having used many different types of alcohol stoves, I highly recommend Roy Robinson's Cat Stove. This stove has beat, hands down, any other homemade alcohol stove I have used or built. It is very easy to make, but unfortunately you will have to recycle the beer cans and go buy some cat food cans. ;)

      Here is the website:

      Oh, the guys on BPL aren't that bad - many of them are here as well.


      >>> firefly@... 09/12/03 01:12PM >>>
      I know this is an old topic, which is why I am not posting it on
      Backpacking Light. Huge group, not as friendly, would probably be
      told to check archives, and I did, but that is very tedious. Its
      going to storm here this weekend, which means no kayaking. I have
      saved some pop...OK...honestly...BEER...cans and other cans and
      thought I would try making an alcohol stove this weekend. There are
      jillions of directions on the internet. Do any of you have a favorite
      to recommend? (I checked Ebay and they are either $30 or heavy.If I
      am going to spend $30 I will buy one from my friends Brawny and
      Rainmaker at Trailquest, but my political job runs out in January and
      I am watching money very carefully.) I have basic tools on hand.