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2840RE: Hammock Camping Re: Upcoming Hammock Hangers Trip--Sep 20 2003!

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  • Thomas Peltier
    Sep 11, 2003



      Good idea Mirage...anyone can host a Hammock Hangers Association campout--anywhere, anytime.  So, next time you're headed out with the o' hammock--announce it on the list and before you know it, you've got a group together!  It really is that easy--OK it may help to know the route and campsite well enough to be sure it is suitable for everyone.  Or if headed into unfamiliar country, you could limit it to experienced hammockers only.  Either way, it really is fun to get a bunch of hammock hangers together!  The gear talk is about as good as it gets!  And before it's over, you've found some great new friends!  Hope you can get out soon either with or without others...Ed


       In that case I’m headed to Mineral King this weekend if anybody wants to join me.  We will be leaving from the Mineral King trail head past the Ranger station.  The target is Eagle lake but we are talking about going to the last of the Mosquito lakes.  If anybody is interested let me know and we can firm up our plans so as to be found or joined. 




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