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2831Re: off topic -- diy wood burning backpacking stove

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  • Ray Garlington
    Sep 10, 2003
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Matthew Takeda <takeda@s...> >
      >>> Don't give up. I'm trying to do the same thing, although I
      haven't set a target weight. I figure I need to get the design
      working first, then lighten it.

      Thanks for the encouragement. I have two things in mind for this
      project, the small lightweight burner which I will then scale up to a
      patio burner. The larger burners are easier because the draft is so
      much stronger.

      > Tom Reed's Biomass Energy Foundation just started selling their
      small gasifier "campstove" about a month ago. It uses forced
      convection from a fan powered by a single AA battery and is fairly
      impressive, but it weighs in at 30 ounces.

      For those that haven't seen this yet, there are some pictures and
      some explanation here: http://www.woodgasllc.com

      > Natural convection should work fine once it gets going. What are
      you using as a firestarter?

      I am using a miniature candle, which is a 1/2" wick on a square of
      cardboard (about 1/2" x 1/2") with about 25 drops of parafin.

      > Do you route the intake air to preheat it?

      In my current attempts the intake air is coming in under the fire box
      and is forced through a 1.25" diameter opening in the bottom of the
      firebox, where there is a wire screen to disperse the air and allow
      the ash to drop through. This creates a very hot, but small fire
      just above the hole. I will be refining this over the next week, and
      expect to end up with separate controls for primary & secondary
      airflow. One of the design goals is that this must be easy and fun
      to start which is the current weakness.

      >an add on chimney to increase draft, or a tube you blow through
      until it gets going.

      Yes, right now I'm doing both of these. The add on chimney is the
      most satisfying; but the complexity/bulk of possibly telescoping
      tubes is weighing against this as a solution. On the other hand,
      there will be a windscreen involved, so perhaps that could be made to
      do double duty.
      Thanks for your comments Matthew!
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