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2829Re: off topic -- diy wood burning backpacking stove

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  • Matthew Takeda
    Sep 10, 2003
      Ray Garlington wrote:
      >... I'm trying for a wood-
      >gas, batch loaded stove weighing about 5 oz that is sufficient to
      >boil 1 quart and hold a simmer for about 10 minutes. My current
      >problem is if I batch load, it takes about 3 minutes before it burns
      >clean. I need a way to increase the draft temporarily during firing.
      >I might give up and just use Rick's design.

      Don't give up. I'm trying to do the same thing, although I haven't set a
      target weight. I figure I need to get the design working first, then
      lighten it.

      Tom Reed's Biomass Energy Foundation just started selling their small
      gasifier "campstove" about a month ago. It uses forced convection from a
      fan powered by a single AA battery and is fairly impressive, but it weighs
      in at 30 ounces.

      Natural convection should work fine once it gets going. What are you using
      as a firestarter? I've been using a few drops of alcohol. Do you route the
      intake air to preheat it?

      For starting, you could go two ways (off the top of my head, which usually
      means there are more that I've overlooked ...): an add on chimney to
      increase draft, or a tube you blow through until it gets going.

      - Matthew Takeda
      - the JOAT
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