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2821Re: underquilt proto results

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  • uluheman
    Sep 9, 2003
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      If you can get a walking foot for your machine, you will probably
      find that sewing silnylon becomes much easier. You might still have
      to fiddle with the tension, but controlling the fabric as you're
      actually sewing becomes much easier.

      A walking foot is essentially just a set of duplicate feed dogs which
      replaces the usual presser foot. Thus, instead of both layers of
      fabric being fed only by the lower feed dogs, both layers are being
      fed simultaneously, each by its own set of feed dogs. 'Way better!

      Brandon in Honolulu

      > Sewing Silnyon is a beast, but I'm getting ok at it. It takes a
      > of tweaking on my crappy sewing machine to get the thread tensions
      > right and, even then, the fabric is so thin, it's still on the
      > I'm going to try a couple of tips I picked up talking to some
      > in town who sew with really lightweight polyesters and silks and
      > if they they apply to silnylon. Tape, including duct tape, does
      > stick to silnylon. Fray check does not stick to silnylon. Pins
      > cause holes that need to be sealed. I tend to finger tack
      > (hold everything tightly with your fingers and pray for the best).
      > Post some pictures of your quilt if you get a chance.
      > ciyd
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