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2802Re: Just a thot on open cell foam

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  • ghman777
    Sep 8, 2003
      Yea.. think you are right. I did make side pads using open cell foam.
      I covered them with nylon.I made them just long enough to cover hips
      to shoulders and then put one on each side of my thermarest. Elastic
      bands from them wrap around my thermarest to keep them in place. It
      gives a warm cushy feeling laying in the hammock. Just trying to

      -- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Risk" <geoflyfisher@y...>
      > Hi ghman777,
      > Open cell foam crushes more than closed cell foam. To end up
      > enough insulation at the thin spots, you need to carry thicker open
      > cell foam than closed cell foam. This ends up being not only more
      > bulky, but also heavier. One idea that has not been looked into
      > is the use of very open cell foam that could crush a lot for packing
      > and then attaching it inside something like one of the taco
      > Rick
      > --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "ghman777" <ghman777@y...>
      > > Im thinking of using 1 inch open cell foam to fill the complete
      > > inside of the hammock. Id cover it with a coated nylon 'pillow
      > > for moisture resistance. Hmm.. maybe glue mylar on one side of
      > > foam for its reflextive properties. I use a goose down bag that
      > > to stay dry anyway. In extra cold weather I could slip a closed
      > > foam under the open foam. I know weight and volume in packing
      > > be an issue, but what do ya think? Comfort wise do you think it a
      > > good idea? Anyone try this?
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