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2775BS Pad

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  • Risk
    Sep 7, 2003
      Cold Wars: Skirmish report, invention of the BS Pad

      I spent a nice night with EllieD and daMonk (son's most recent trail
      name) out in hammocks last night. The weather was clear, calm, and
      the temp at 6AM was 50 F. I was using my new wide pad and quilt...
      However, I must not be hardened to the cold yet. About 3 AM I woke
      with a little chill on the skin of my back.

      Wife and daMonk were using thermarest pads and sleeping bags in their
      double bottom hammocks. They were as snug as ... campers in hammocks
      with sleeping bags and thermarest pads... Unfortunately, this is a
      little heavy for my style of backpacking.

      A little thinking of what might help led me to remember the remainder
      of the target pad which I had cut lengthwise to make the wide pad.
      The remanent was 16 inches wide. I cut this to a length of 36 inches
      and slipped it inside my double bottom hammock from where my shoulders
      lie to where my bottom ends up. I lay down and it felt nice and WARM
      for the rest of the night!

      What to call this little 2 oz (approx) piece of foam: The "BS Pad"
      (Bottom to Shoulders Pad) Uses: During high summer, it would be
      enough pad for warm low-land nights that only get down to 65 or so...
      just to take the 3 AM chill away. When the temps dip from 50 to 30,
      it may be exactly what is needed to extend the range of the Target pad
      for the cool sleeper.

      Now y'all, sleep warm!

      Next installment: trip report from 5 days on the AT in VA to begin
      this coming Wednesday. After that: I have ordered the materials for
      a down quilt from Thru-Hiker.