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2762Hammock Camping Re: First cold night

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  • Dave Womble
    Sep 3, 2003
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      I have been using a 20 degree insulative value for the 3/8" REI blue
      foam that I am using. That is like you say, just a ballpark number
      but is based on being a little chilled using it at 45 degrees on ONE
      night. I wasn't cold enough to get out of my HH and get my Frogg
      Toggs, but I wished I had them on. You need something to go by and
      then make adjustments when you learn more, unless you can
      mathematically and scientifically model it. (I'm a retired
      electrical engineer and what I remember most about thermodynamics
      from my college days is that it was difficult & the mathematics were
      complicated.) And you are absolutely right about how your heat
      source varies, i.e. your body's metabolism... we just have to learn
      our limitations and live with them.

      I did try a psuedo-scientific experiment to compare the insulating
      capabilies of the 3/8" REI blue foam vs the Reflectix 5/16" double
      foil/double bubble wrap when they are both used underneath a warm
      object and are delaying conductive heat transfer. In this test there
      was no noticable difference. The single sided foil car sunscreen, on
      the other hand, had less than half the delaying value for conductive
      heat transfer.

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