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2753RE: Hammock Camping Insulation suit - Perhaps another snake oil remedy- cont

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  • Thomas Peltier
    Sep 3, 2003

      If to much air in the system is a problem with the D.A.M. then light underinflating may help


      Yes, the D.A.M.!I was thinking about that this weekend. Do they work
      well? What I understand from reading about the Stephenson D.A.M. is
      that you may still need a pad underneath it. Too much air circulating
      beneath you. The ability to inflate it would solve the packability
      problem, though. I thought of the closed-cell foam and the fleece
      over it. Maybe that would just be for very cold weather use..Either
      way,I don't think we'd be winning fashion awards, but it may work.


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