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2751Re: Oh Boy, Cold Wars II, winding up!

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  • Dave Womble
    Sep 3, 2003
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      I believe that at one time Ed Speer told me that in cold weather
      conditions he would take a 4X9' piece of 1 mil thick plastic that
      weighed around 3 oz. I recall him mentioning several uses and one of
      those was to attach to the outside of his hammock to block heat-
      robbing cold wind when needed.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "o123david" <o123david@y...>
      > Rick,
      > I am trying to make the simplest and lightest hammock possible
      > the insulation inside is protected from the wind. If it isn't
      > protected then I find the wind blows the cold air at least part-way
      > into the insulation (even pads) and compromises the insulation.
      > A hammock made out of a windproof material would block the wind.
      > The problem, of course, is condensation.
      > You find two layers of 1.1 oz DWR ripstop works without a
      > condensation problem.
      > You find that silnylon, such as 1.9 oz ripstop that then has
      > added, will cause a condensation problem.
      > Ed recommends spraying something onto the 1.9 oz ripstop of his
      > hammock (which I have), but my impression from the experiences he
      > described is that this does not work well in strong wind.
      > The impression I am getting is that in order to get good protection
      > from the wind I have to have a windproof layer such as polyethylene
      > or silnylon or tyvek hanging around the hammock. Then, to prevent
      > condensation problem that these materials cause I have to let air
      > come up through the bottom of the hammock and exit, warmed and
      > carrying the moisture, out the top.
      > I have tried this last method and it appears to work. The
      > that I felt should disappear as I hang the hammock in more of a U
      > shape and sleep on an angle, permitting more air to come in through
      > the bottom.
      > Two questions.
      > Does it appear that I am interpreting your experiences correctly?
      > And do you have any other suggestions?
      > Thanks. --David
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