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2742Hammock Camping Re: Oh Boy, Cold Wars II, winding up!

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  • chcoa
    Sep 2, 2003
      Another option for having a head source under you in a cone or skirt
      type enclosure is a dog. I know everyone doesn't have one and I'm
      not saying go out and get one but for those of us who hike with our
      dogs this might be a good solution for several reasons. When I
      purchased my HH I pretty much new I would only be able to use it on
      trip I took with out my little pup. This leaves me with having to go
      back to tenting when I bring her, yuck! So I have been running
      ideas on how to still be in the hammock, bring her and make sure we
      are both comfy, safe and warm. I know she would only be happy very
      near me so under is a good spot. Making a cone or skirt under the
      hammock would help with the heat stuff for my underside and give her
      a place to lay that is close to me, warm, and out of the elements.
      We'd both be happy, theoretically speaking. This is just an idea
      right now.

      Jamie in az

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Bill Fornshell
      <bfornshell@y...> wrote:
      > Hi, This is all very interesting. If you had an
      > insulated closed cone of some kind below the hammock
      > why couldn't you just activate one of those "Graber
      > MyCoal Mini-Mini Heater" things and put it in the
      > closed cone? They heat for (they say) 7 hours or
      > more. Cost is about $.65 each. Heat up the air under
      > you and stay warm, maybe. I have a new Speer Hammock
      > coming soon and would try the heat pack idea, but I
      > don't expect it will be cold enough here for a test
      > anytime soon. Bill in Texas
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