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2720Re: Oh Boy, Cold Wars II, winding up!

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    Aug 31, 2003
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      I find the 1.9 oz or two layers of 1.1 oz DWR ripstop perfect. I
      would not recommend silnylon, as it is nice for some of one's breath
      that condenses inside the hammock to moisten the material and dry from
      the outside. If it were silnylon, it would stay wet inside.

      Ed recommends adding some spray water repellant for the winter. I
      have not found this necessary. The edge of my tarp, even my 5 foot
      wide one, gets pushed down by rainy winds. It is not thrown up. The
      pad also adds some water resistance as necessary.

      I'd certainly recommend your early experiments be with plain ripstop.
      The hammock you make with it will have wider application.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "o123david" <o123david@y...> wrote:
      > Rick,
      > Thanks for your pictures and description for dealing with the cold.
      > Very helpful.
      > It appears that my mistake has been to assume that condensation would
      > be a problem if the hammock body is windproof.
      > As an lightweight fanatic, I'm trying the figure out the lightest way
      > to deal with the wind and related cold problem.
      > The best way I've been able to find is to make the hammock out of the
      > silicon coated ripstop from Seattle Fabics which is 1.9 oz/yd before
      > coating.
      > Do you think this would work? Any other suggestions? --David
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