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2714Re: Hammock Camping Insulation suit - Perhaps another snake oil remedy- cont

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  • Bill Fornshell
    Aug 31, 2003
      Hi dunangus73, This is the kind of thinking that
      will lead to a solution. What I would say is "Hybrid"
      thought. Make you Jumpsuit with a mix of Down and
      Packing Peanuts, the Down to keep you warm and the
      Packing Peanuts to keep the Down from compressing. Do
      I think the Packing Peanuts would work, that is not
      the point. I do think if there was something you could
      mix in with the Down so it would not compress flat
      your idea might work. The Packing Peanuts like stuff
      could be your first test to see if the idea would
      work. Then maybe you could find something better to
      use that would provide the bulk necessary to let the
      Down work. I will try it if you don't want to. Bill

      > Hi folks,
      > Perhaps this is a bizarre idea, but has anyone
      > considered sewing a
      > pad into their sleeping clothes? Fleece may be a
      > good fabric that you
      > could create a fleece jumpsuit against your skin (I
      > also
      > remember "cuddle-nap" pajamas when I was a kid in
      > the early 70s with
      > built in feet that may be a good design) with
      > evazolite (spelling?)
      > padding insulation over the fleece that covers the
      > lower 3/4 of your
      > body (back and sides), and over that would be a
      > breathable (maybe not
      > necessary)fabric on the outside to block the wind.
      > You wouldn't have
      > to worry about rolling off the pad. It wouldn't be
      > all that different
      > from a wetsuit as I understand it, but it would be a
      > 3/4 version. It
      > would also block the wind�I'm not an engineer so
      > please tell me if
      > this idea is not sound. Of course, I have no idea
      > how to make this
      > light weight and packable. Any suggestions?
      > Take care,
      > Dun

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