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2702Re: Hammock Camping Prototype VERY wide pad

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  • Risk
    Aug 30, 2003
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      Hi Chet,

      Thanks for the kudos!

      The only mod I think I will make is to trim a little off the width of
      the ends. The very end folded over about 5 inches at each end. I
      will find out what width actually existed and then trim to that width.

      I am going to try to fold the pad, but if that does not work, I may
      try your idea of creating a hinge. Duct tape will work, though I am
      concerned about "creep" of the duct tape on the pad when it is warm.
      I am considering cutting a "dashed line" of knife cuts. to create a
      fold line.

      With my quilt, I am concerned about not having a pad down to my feet.

      I do as you, up to now, I have used the 27 inch wide pad as a pack
      frame barrel. It occurs to me that it might work to fold the excess
      11 inches over and let that expand into the extra room in the bottom
      of my G4 variant.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Chet Clocksin"
      <cclocksin@b...> wrote:
      > Rick, you will really like the extra width. I use a pad that is a
      20" x 72"
      > blue foam cut in half, and duct taped together, producing a pad that is
      > about 40 x 36. Used in my double bottom speer hammock, it works
      > Provides complete protection around the shoulders and arms, and mine
      > in half and inserted into my G-4 pack barrel style, functions as my
      > packframe. The G-4 also has a pad/frame sleeve on the front of the
      pack, and
      > I carry a windshield reflector in there in case It gets really cold, in
      > which case I'll use both pads. I have not had the need yet for both
      pads. If
      > I know its going to get chilly out I'll sleep with long pants and wool
      > socks, and put my feet in the foot pocket of my mimmy bag used as a
      > BTW, thanks for all your posts/pictures/experiments, etc. I had thought
      > about the benefits of a double bottom hammock ever since I bought my
      HH and
      > had to wrestle with a pad in it. Once I decided to make a Speer hammock,
      > your posts and web page convinced me to make it a double bottom. I
      > to go with the Speer method for attaching a bug net, which works
      great, but
      > I am going to try your quarter weight design on a prototype one of these
      > days. Also, on my home made Speer hammock, I use a "structural"
      ridge line
      > to keep the right sag in the hammock, ease set up, and decrease the
      > cocooning effect. Its simply a line tied around the loop of the hanging
      > strap just above the knot. I pulled it tight, and tied it off to the
      > strap just above the knot on that end. My ridge line length is 8
      feet, while
      > my hammock body is 9 feet.
      > Chet
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      > Sent: Friday, August 29, 2003 6:14 PM
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      > Subject: Hammock Camping Prototype VERY wide pad
      > In my camping over the last few months, using a 27 inch wide Target
      > pad and my quilt, I have occasionally found it hard to insulate myself
      > from the sides of the hammock, where there is no pad. Many times, I
      > have needed to pull the sides of the quilt around me to give some
      > insulation from the sides.
      > Today, I took one of my Target pads and a second one which I was
      > willing to sacrifice. I cut a width of 11 inches and full length from
      > the second pad, and then used contact cement to edge glue the strip to
      > the pad so that I now have a pad 38 inches wide.
      > This pad fits nicely in my 48 inch wide double bottom quarter weight
      > hammocks. I look forward to trying it out with my quilt on a nice
      > cool night sometime soon. I hope that I can now just use the quilt on
      > top of me, and not worry so much about trying to tuck it under me.
      > I also expect that I will be building a new quilt this fall. I want
      > to see how a one pound down quilt works in comparison to my 30 oz
      > polarguard quilt.
      > That's the hammock experimenting I spent the day off working on.
      > Y'all have fun!
      > Rick
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