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2701RE: Hammock Camping Prototype VERY wide pad

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  • Chet Clocksin
    Aug 30, 2003
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      Rick, you will really like the extra width. I use a pad that is a 20" x 72" blue foam cut in half, and duct taped together, producing a pad that is about 40 x 36. Used in my double bottom speer hammock, it works fantastic. Provides complete protection around the shoulders and arms, and mine folded in half and inserted into my G-4 pack barrel style, functions as my packframe. The G-4 also has a pad/frame sleeve on the front of the pack, and I carry a windshield reflector in there in case It gets really cold, in which case I'll use both pads. I have not had the need yet for both pads. If I know its going to get chilly out I'll sleep with long pants and wool socks, and put my feet in the foot pocket of my  mimmy bag used as a quilt.
      BTW, thanks for all your posts/pictures/experiments, etc. I had thought about the benefits of a double bottom hammock ever since I bought my HH and had to wrestle with a pad in it. Once I decided to make a Speer hammock, your posts and web page convinced me to make it a double bottom. I decided to go with the Speer method for attaching a bug net, which works great, but I am going to try your quarter weight design on a prototype one of these days. Also, on my home made Speer hammock, I use a "structural" ridge line to keep the right sag in the hammock, ease set up, and decrease the cocooning effect. Its simply a line tied around the loop of the hanging strap just above the knot. I pulled it tight, and tied it off to the other strap just above the knot on that end. My ridge line length is 8 feet, while my hammock body is 9 feet.
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      Subject: Hammock Camping Prototype VERY wide pad

      In my camping over the last few months, using a 27 inch wide Target
      pad and my quilt, I have occasionally found it hard to insulate myself
      from the sides of the hammock, where there is no pad.  Many times, I
      have needed to pull the sides of the quilt around me to give some
      insulation from the sides. 

      Today, I took one of my Target pads and a second one which I was
      willing to sacrifice.  I cut a width of 11 inches and full length from
      the second pad, and then used contact cement to edge glue the strip to
      the pad so that I now have a pad 38 inches wide. 

      This pad fits nicely in my 48 inch wide double bottom quarter weight
      hammocks.  I look forward to trying it out with my quilt on a nice
      cool night sometime soon.  I hope that I can now just use the quilt on
      top of me, and not worry so much about trying to tuck it under me. 

      I also expect that I will be building a new quilt this fall.  I want
      to see how a one pound down quilt works in comparison to my 30 oz
      polarguard quilt. 

      That's the hammock experimenting I spent the day off working on.

      Y'all have fun!


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