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2678Hammock Camping Re: Noland & Forney creeks (GSMNP)

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  • Coy
    Aug 28, 2003
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      Hi Carl

      Thanks for all the excellent advice. I just noticed I mispelled
      your name earlier. Sorry. I had the 1231 # but not the Fontana
      Switchboard #. Thanks. In looking at the route you proposed I see
      camp 75 is down by Fontana Lake on the Lake Shore trail. I assume I
      would then backtrack to the Forny Creek trail to # 70, #69 or # 68.
      That looks like a long hike on day 2. I'm thinking you might have
      meant #73 instead of #75. But this would mean a short hike on day
      3. Not that I would mind that. Might hike down to the lake at camp
      #74 for a swim or exploring before heading back towards the camps
      on Forny Creek trail.

      There will be 5 in the party for sure with the youngest at 13.
      However the 13 yr. old did real well last year on a 12 mile day.
      That was about his limit and I wasn't all that spry either.
      Possibly may have one or 2 others depending on scedualing etc. Yes
      the weather is about perfect this time of year. We actuall got cold
      on our rest stops last year as the highs on the first day was around
      40 F and the second around 50 F. Went down to about 28 F the first
      night. An early cold front was to blame. Still preferable to hot
      weather hiking IMHO.

      Coy Boy
      PS I wonder if my hammock hangers will mind the shelter that first
      night at the Silers Bald Shelter. I wont be using a hammock as I am
      testing a BD Mega Light for BGT. I too will be missing out on a
      test night at the Silers Bald Shelter. I looked at my map and there
      are no campsites close by either. Still it looks like a good

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Carl Iobst <iobstce@y...>
      > Coy,
      > Sounds like a splendid outing especially if the
      > leaves are in full color. Newfound gap or the
      > Clingmans Dome (Forney Ridge) parking areas should be
      > okay to leave vehicles since even in this age of
      > cutbacks the Park Service does patrol the main roads
      > regularly in search of touron automobile mishaps.
      > The Fontana Boat dock can be reached through the main
      > switch board @ Fontana Village (828-498-2211, ext.277)
      > however, the charge per person is predicated on how
      > many are in your party. example: When I went over to
      > Hazel creek from the boat dock in early June there
      > was eight in our party. The round-trip charge was
      > $13.00 per person. Based on information I received a
      > few hours ago, a hypothetical trip based on four
      > people in the party, the round trip charge would be
      > $60.00 per person & the one-way charge would be $45.00
      > per person.
      > This leaves you w/ several other options. Be the
      > first call of the morning to the GSMNP Back country
      > reservation office (865-436-1231; 8a-6p Eastern time)
      > & realize that only through-hikers may camp outside of
      > shelters (if they're filled) or get into the back
      > country where Park Service patrol is almost
      > non-existent & you can be a bit more flexible in using
      > a LNT hammock.
      > An excellent multi-day hike going/returning to
      > Clingmans Dome would be Silers Bald shelter the first
      > night, 2nd day- take the Welch ridge trail out to High
      > Rocks (great views) & take the Bear Creek trail to #75
      > for the 2nd night, 3rd day to the Forney creek trail &
      > camp @ either #70, #69, or #68 the 3rd night,the 4th
      > day hit the Forney Ridge trail to Clingmans
      > backtracking a bit to Andrews Bald(great views) & out
      > to the car.
      > Cordially,
      > Carl I.
      > "Live life Real not virtual"
      > ('Real' refers to Karl Pribrams Hollographic
      > Paradigmn)
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