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251RE: Hammock Camping My thoughts on an effective insulator

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  • Marge Prothman
    Jan 21, 2003
      I read and re-read the idea of hammock under a hammock, but I could really not figure out how to get into my Hennessy
      without a lot gyrations and some method of doing one of the ends back up, I drew a blank on how you suggested to do a
      rear entry. 
      I just took my hammock down a couple of days ago, it is suppose to snow again, but will put it back up and try your idea with a large piece of wind block fleece I have.
      cheers,   Marge
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      I like your idea of a hammock under a hammock. You could use cheap rip-stop nylon, sold in 60" width, and just cut it to length and add the shock cord to the ends and sides.. Nice and light, and adjustable as far as the degree of insulation. The only things I can think of that might be a problem is pushing it out of the way to get into the HH without the insulating pad popping out. You could try your idea with an old bedsheet for the bottom "hammock" and fold up a fleece or wool blanket between a space blanket to use as the insulation.

      tcoug7 wrote:
      I have been tooling this idea around for awhile.  I suppose this
      would be a good time to open up to all of you and see what kind of
      feedback I get.  In theory, it should work with any sort of hammock,
      although I'm designing it for a HH - cause that's what I use. 

      Here it is:

      Did you read the post a few weeks back about hanging a secondary
      hammock below you??  I wish I could give proper credit, but I don't
      have time to go back and look up who postede it.  Anyway, that's
      probably the closest so far in theory to what I picture.  It seems
      most problems tend to be with positioning the insulating layer
      beneath you and keeping it there.  We all know what it feels like to
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