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245RE: Hammock Camping My thoughts on an effective insulator

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  • Ed Speer
    Jan 21 4:50 PM
      Ernest, the Pea Pod is filled w/ Thinsulate Lite Loft. Total loft is 1.6" (0.8" thick each side); so I rate it as about 45-50 F.  The fabric is 1.1 oz/yd2 ripstop nylon; light teal inside, dark green outside.  It has drawstring closures on each end and a full-length central Velcro closure--it will lie completely flat like a blanket and can be positioned around my hammock without the need to untie the hammock straps. It can be used with top open (like an under blanket) or completely enclosed (with only a breather hole open).
      Because the Pea Pod has end openings, it can be easily worn like a robe, eliminating the need to carry warm camp clothes.  A Pea Pod for the standard Speer 8.0 hammock weighs 2.2 lbs.  Check my January newsletter for some ideas on using the Pea Pod as part of a cold-weather component system.  Check http://www/hammockcamping.com  Cold weather use requires sleep pads and top blankets as well as the Pea Pod.
      One can use regular mummy type bags around the hammock, but most lack sufficient girth and length; they can be very confining.  The Pea Pod is made with extra wide girth and length to prevent this....Ed

      Ed, I’m reading your book and I like the Pea Pod idea. I noticed you used synthetic insulation – what kind is it? Thinsulate, polarguard, regular poly fill, what? I’ve got a Nunatack Backcountry blanket and I’m thinking of how to experiment using that.


      Ernest Engman

      AKA SGT Rock





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