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2337Insulator Bag (part deux)

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  • Ray Garlington
    Aug 7, 2003
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      As you may know, the insulation for the first generation Garlington
      Insulator was a bag of air. This progressed to a bag of air with a
      folded space blanket. I've decided to try a "bag of feathers" as the
      next step.

      I'm thinking a 2'x4' nylon bag filled with 6 ounces of 800 fill power
      down can be made for about $60 and should insulate down to 0F. The
      weight of the bag of feathers should be about 8-10 ounces.


      (I'll hint at my first, hesitant steps in constructing such a bag:
      Last night I attempted to cut up an old, down, GI mummy bag....

      It is amazing how down lofts to fill the space available. I'm glad my
      wife wasn't home at the time.)
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