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2320RE: Hammock Camping Hammock use in Parks with Ignorant Rangers

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  • Ed Speer
    Aug 6 9:23 AM
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      Jack, you obviously have a lot higher opinion of Park officials than I do--trying to reason a bureaucrat out of established policy has never worked for me.  However, I do see your point.  In a similar situation, there is a move on now to get the Boy Scouts to rescind their 'no hanging' rule at their national camp in New Mexico--but it seems their policy is based on liability fears of falling trees as much as concern for the trees. That's a valid issue since a tree falling on a tent is an 'act of God' while a tree falling on a hammock is likely to result in law suits for negligence on the part of the camp leaders who allowed the use of trees in the first place. 
      Personally, I don't see any way to improve the situation and I suspect it will get much worst as hammocks become more popular.  Government regulations limiting hammocks is already a serious development and will almost certainly impact us all even more in the future.  Responsible use and Leave No Trace ethics are our best defense...Ed
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      As the leader of this Hammock Site perhaps you could be instrumental in developing some contact with officials who oversee State and National Parks in regard to hammock use,  I imagine that some who have set up hammocks in the past have damaged trees due to a lack of knowledge of your good methods.  Perhaps standards for Hammocking could be established.  It would be a lot more comfortable to hammock camp without fear of reprisal each time a hammock was tied on to a tree.

      What do you think?


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