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2308Hammock tarp size

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  • cmcrooker
    Aug 5, 2003
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      Hi all,
      BPL.com is in the process of prototyping a poncho/tarp out of
      spinnaker cloth. I wrote to ask Ryan when he expected to have these
      ready to sell and mentioned I'd also like to use it with a hammock.
      Doc (spiveyweb) had recently posted to BPL that he uses the Equinox
      extended silnylon poncho/tarp very successfully with his Hennessy UL
      Aysm hammock. According to Campmor web site, that poncho measures
      58" x 104".
      Ryan wrote back to say that the poncho/tarps may be ready to sell by
      the end of the year and to ask what dimensions would be needed to
      use the poncho/tarp with a hammock. Since I don't own a hammock
      yet, thought I'd ask you all.

      What size poncho/tarp would work well as a hammock tarp? Is 58" x
      104" optimal? I'm interested in the smallest poncho that will do
      the job.

      Thanks for any input.
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