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2306Re: Experiments -- long

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  • canoetrip_2000
    Aug 5, 2003
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      What do you mean, "between the layers"? What layers? How cold was it?

      . One pad placed between
      > the layers lengthwise ended up being comfy-cozy. (I fell
      > asleep and slept the whole night through.)
      > I expected my shoulders to be cold, but they weren't,
      > despite not being totally wrapped in the foam pad. I suspect
      > this is because the Tropical Hammock is much narrower than
      > the HH, so my shoulders weren't being pressed so hard by the
      > hammock material. I think one reason we get cold on the
      > bottom and sides is because the hammock compresses our own
      > body insulation (fat and stuff). Where there's less
      > compression, there's less cold.
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