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2302RE: Hammock Camping Shoulder squeeze

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  • Ed Speer
    Aug 4 4:33 PM
      I assume you are using a solid fabric nylon hammock?  I use to have this problem when I was testing string net hammocks. You may not be doing anything wrong.  If you've tried hanging with LOTS of sag, and you still have shoulder squeeze, your hammock may be too small for you.  A hammock's comfort is dependent on numerous things, but proper length and width are essential--not all hammocks are equal!  Excessive shoulder squeeze is a common problem with a hammock that is too short.  I recommend a hammock at least 2 feet longer than the occupiant, especially if the hammock is gathered at the ends like the Speer, Hennessy or Clark--the longer the hammock, the more comfortable it is; or the shorter the hammock, the less comfortable it is!  Hammocks with spreader bars or wide tie-out ends may not suffer from this.  Hammocks made of string net suffer greatly from shoulder squeeze no matter how they are pitched.  Of course, folks with very broad shoulders &/or excessive weight may have more problems than other folks.  We may be able to offer some suggestions if we know what hammock you are using, what is your height and weight and what is the length of the hammock?  ...Ed
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      Subject: Hammock Camping Shoulder squeeze

      No matter how slack or how tight i tie my hammock, I have terrible
      shoulder squeeze which gives me shoulder aches in the morning. Even
      sleeping on the diagonal, it eventually hurts my shoulders.  What
      might I be doing wrong?

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