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23RE: Hammock Camping OK.....first question

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  • David Chinell
    Jan 10, 2003
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      One time I was testing an HH and took along a Hammock Bliss
      cloth hammock to try out as well. It turned rainy partway
      through the first day, and by the time I made camp the
      ground was sodden.

      I slung the Hammock Bliss hammock directly under the HH and
      stashed my gear in that. It worked like a charm. I just had
      to nudge the bottom hammock aside to enter or exit from the

      It made me think that taking along a light net hammock for
      gear stowage might be a good idea if bad weather was
      expected. It also made me think that a net hammock slung
      under the HH might be a good way to hold bottom insulation
      under and against the HH. Never tried that out though...

      For my shoes, I carry a keychain caribiner tied to a couple
      of feet of paracord. In the day I wrap this around a nearby
      tree to give me a hook to hang stuff on. At night I loop it
      over the ridgeline with the carabiner hanging down, just
      outside the HH. I tie my shoelaces together and clip them
      onto the carabiner when I get in.

      This leaves my shoes hanging outside the hammock, midway to
      the ground. But it's still easy to grab the line and unclip
      the shoes when I want to get out.

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