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2290foam pad on bottom of HH

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  • ciyd01
    Aug 3, 2003
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      I have an idea and was wondering if anyone had tried this before.
      The closed cell foam pad is required for insulation but does it need
      to be IN the hammock? I was thinking that I could put a couple of
      shock cords or some thin elastic straps across the bottom of the
      hammock and slide the pads between them and the hammock bottom. This
      is similar to the double bottom hammock idea but without the weight
      of the extra layer of material. The elastic would hold the pad tight
      against the hammock bottom, providing insulation, and I could enjoy
      rolling around unencumbered in the hammock.

      If this works, I think I have an idea for the
      insulator/underquilt/closed cell foam pad that would weigh less than
      the combination for cold weather hiking and wouldn't be all that
      difficult to make. The shock cord thing would also be a simple
      retrofit on any hammock. Anybody try this in a Hennessey Hammock yet?

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