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2283Re: Hammock Camping 90 lbs?

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  • Jamie
    Aug 1, 2003
      I think that's awsome you guys are making a commitment to weight
      loss. Better health is certainly a added bonus to that. My problem
      is more the middle. I hate ab exercises with a passion.
      Any exercise tips for that all you skinny hammockers???

      Jamie in AZ

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Bror8588@A... wrote:
      > J Cornelius,
      > Good for you! I too have a plan to lose some weight before I
      tackle the AT
      > next spring. I am going the opposite tack and am including high
      amounts of fat
      > and protein and very low carbohydrates. No bread, sugar
      substitute, Lots of
      > Water, and care when it comes to which vegetables I include in my
      meal plans.
      > I started ten days ago and was 284 but today I am 273. Each day
      the scale
      > moves down. Very encouraging.
      > When I get on the trail and energy requirements increase
      dramatically I will
      > adjust to meet the need. "Big Red" began the AT when he weighed
      345 and lost
      > as he hiked but I read someone's thought that the better shape one
      is in when
      > they begin the less expensive the trail will be for there will be
      less need
      > for stops, the trail will be completed faster, clothing size will
      not be
      > dramatically changed, etc., and so I decided to start now to lose
      weight rather than
      > next April.
      > Probably any plan to change eating habits will work as long as you
      > consistent.
      > Jack
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