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2281RE: Hammock Camping Help sewing velcro on Speer hammock

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  • Chester Clocksin
    Aug 1, 2003
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      Shane, thanks for the suggestions. I'll see if I can find some wax for the thread, and I'm not sure what kind of needle I have. Thanks for the info.

      Shane Steinkamp <shane@...> wrote:
      > I'm about 80% finished with my Home made speer hammock, but
      > having a problem sewing the velcro to the bugnet. No
      > problem at all sewing the soft side of the velco to the
      > nylon hammock body, but sewing the coarse side of the
      > velcro to the bug net causes a birds nest on the bottom
      > side of the stitching everytime. I've tried both straight
      > stitch and zig-zag, with no success. I'm new to sewing, so
      > I figure out of all the hammock making experts on this
      > list, someone must know a trick for sewing Velcro onto bug
      > netting. Anybody?

      Couple of things...

      Make sure your needle is clean and sharp.  Use a thinner needle.  Make sure
      you're using a round needle, and not a bladed needle.  Make sure your bobbin
      tension isn't too tight.  Make sure your thread tension is tight enough.
      Wax your thread, or use a liquid thread wax.  Put a lot of tension on your


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