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2279Re: Hammock Camping Re: newbie query: changing clothing

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  • robi dawson
    Aug 1, 2003
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      personally i could care less if anybody sees me ugly and very fat but!

      i will turn my back or step behind a tree, wait for somebody to pass etc but when i need to change i will do it.. here in Hugnary i often drop my swim suit at a beach and put on my clothes those who are offended should just not look....


      At 11:55 PM 7/31/03 +0000, Jamie wrote:
      As a woman and someone who is pretty modest, although much less as I
      age :) I was concerned with this too.  I'm a newbie to hammocking
      also, I've only used my about 3 times now.  I found that it's not so
      bad to change the upper half and the socks/shoes part in the hammock
      but the pants/shorts area is pretty impossible.  So far I've only
      used my hammock in dispersed camping situations so the group I was
      hiking with were the only other people around (well as far as I
      knew).  I just grabbed my clothes and walked off into the woods to
      change or stood behind a tree.  No biggy.  IF I'm in a campground,
      yuck!, I will just use my vehicle, or the restrooms or stand behind
      my tarp.  It's not really as troublesome as it seems.

      Good luck and I think you will enjoy hammocking.
      Jamie in AZ

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "tall2tango" <thbauer@t...>
      > I'm seriously contemplating a hammock to replace my tent, not so
      > for the weight savings but for the comfort. I'm one of
      the "advanced
      > youth" group that has had back trouble for a long time and am
      > at hammocking as a way to get a more comfortable night's sleep. In
      > all the reading I've been doing on line at the various Hammock info
      > sites, I have not found an answer to the following question:
      > How do you change clothes in a hammock? Or don't you?
      > I have enough of a challenge inside a 1-man tent wriggling my 6ft.
      > plus body into clothing! I'm trying to picture how it is done in a
      > hammock without ending up on the ground unintentionally. :-)
      > What works for you? TIA for your insights.
      > ---
      > Ted

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