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2266Re: Risk's Quarterweight hammock question

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  • Risk
    Jul 31, 2003
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      Hi Scott,

      Does that
      > mean that when you tied the knots that the bugnet was gathered on
      one side
      > (the sewn side) instead of laying over top the bottom (like an open
      book vs a
      > closed book)? I was tying the knot with the bugnet folded over (like
      a closed
      > book) and it does not look like it would "switch" sides easily.
      This might be
      > part of my problem.

      I folded the bug net over the hammock bottoms, and then zigzag folded
      all the layers together before tying the knot. I know it does not
      look like it should work with the bug net on either side, but after it
      is knotted, it is nearly impossible to tell which side was originally
      up. Try it, you will see. In the tying of the knot, it is mainly
      important that the bug net, where it is sewn to the hammock edge, is
      tight. Any tightness of the bug net anywhere else in the knot tends
      to loosten this edge and takes away the tight ridge line.

      Many might think the bug net needs to be tight in the middle of the
      hammock. Not true. It is tighteness at the edge which is critical to
      the design.

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