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2263Re: Risk's Quarterweight hammock question

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  • Scott A. Ferguson
    Jul 31, 2003
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      Yes I did cut the bugnet on the chord and sewed it to one side of the bottom 2

      Risk, you mention in another email that you can use either side of your hammock
      (sort of inside out) depending on which side you want to get out. Does that
      mean that when you tied the knots that the bugnet was gathered on one side
      (the sewn side) instead of laying over top the bottom (like an open book vs a
      closed book)? I was tying the knot with the bugnet folded over (like a closed
      book) and it does not look like it would "switch" sides easily. This might be
      part of my problem.

      Thanks again for posting your design. Feels great to make a camping hammock for
      about $15 CAD (already had the chiffon at home). I still have to get the
      webbing, but for now I am using some rope and a couple of old seatbelt straps
      for the trees.


      > Hi Scott,
      > I assume you cut the bug net in the way I describe on the page. To
      > make it more clear, I have just drawn a picture of the bug net
      > pattern here:
      > http://www.flyfisher-kayaks.com/ultralite/hammockbugnetpattern.jpg
      > The idea of course, is that the chord of the circle segment is the
      > shortest distance across cloth in the whole hammock, so if anything
      > is tight, it has to be.
      > Did you start with the bug net like this?
      > Rick

      Scott A. Ferguson
      Halifax, Nova Scotia

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