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2261Re: Hammock Camping newbie query: changing clothing

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  • amy
    Jan 5, 1970
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      On Wednesday, July 30, 2003, at 09:48 PM, karens62@... wrote:

      > amy wrote:
      > <Last year I carried a minidress for a week before anybody saw it. :)
      > Just call me fashion plate.>
      > Hey Amy, wasn't that the hike you became near hypothermic and had to
      > borrow layers from multiple friends? It's hard to show off that pretty
      > dress when its 30* out on Mt. Rogers in May.

      Hey, it was three weeks worth of hike! Sure, it snowed, but it was
      *also* 80 and
      beautiful. :)

      On Mt. Rogers the only thing I was showing was Datto's fleece pants.
      and my new Mickey Mouse neck gaitor.

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