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2249RE: Hammock Camping newbie query: changing clothing

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  • Shane
    Jul 30 11:36 AM
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      > How do you change clothes in a hammock? Or don't you?
      > I have enough of a challenge inside a 1-man tent wriggling my
      > 6ft. plus body into clothing! I'm trying to picture how it is
      > done in a hammock without ending up on the ground
      > unintentionally. :-)

      I have a question of my own: Why would anyone EVER do this? Why would you
      even think to try changing clothes when rolling around in a tent?

      First, you're in the middle of nowhere. Second, everybody knows what you've
      got. Just stand up and change your clothes.

      Like Marsanne said, "Nobody is looking at your titties in the woods, and if
      they are at your age, tell them, "Thank You!""

      If you are in a known group, you can always holler, "I'm takin' my pants
      down, and if ya'll don't want to be jealous, turn away."

      If you are in an unknown group, or maybe in the Scouts or something, then
      change your clothes where the latrine is. There must be some kind of
      privacy for that which isn't inside a small tent...

      Having said all that, I find that privacy in hammocks is better than in
      tents and regular tarps. Changing clothes while rolling around in a hammock
      is no harder than changing clothes while rolling around in a tent, and it's
      easier on the bones. In reality, though, it isn't necessary to roll around
      in the hammock to change clothes. It is better to stand inside the entrance
      slit of a HH, and enjoy a private dressing room. People can see my legs,
      and if they are very close they may be able to see through the bug netting,
      but for the most part there is total privacy.

      A user of any height can stand upright under the tarp (and inside the
      entrance slit on a HH). This isn't a tent with a fixed height. You can hang
      the hammock as high or as low as needed. Following the commonly recommended
      'chair height' would accommodate any user from about 4' 6" (1.37 m) to about
      6' 8" (2.03) - well within the range of a vast majority of the population.
      (As noted, I prefer to hang mine higher.) Persons beyond that range would
      have to adjust the height of the hammock accordingly.

      If the hammock is rockin', don't come a knockin'...

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