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2223RE: Hammock Camping Re: cleaningStraps? and an intro from the guy that ordered Ed's

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  • firefly
    Jul 29, 2003
      Hi George,
      Wow! What a cool story this is. Yes those skeeters were driving me NUTS. I live in Louisiana where we have them almost year round (not usually December/Jan) but those Sierra Snow Melt Skeeters make ours look like rank amateurs. That is the first time I have ever been SWARMED by them. I thought of getting a white T-shirt and painting WEARING DEET! on it but that probably would have just been taken as a challenge by them.  Have you tried out your hammock yet? It takes a few adjustments. I have a Hennessy and cannot think of anything about it I don't like, but lots of people love the Speer, too. I am sure you will really enjoy yours.   Marsanne

      George almost 60 been backpacking for almost 50 years now .
      I've almost ultra lightweight(21lbs) for my 4 day trip in Desoation.
      Yes Marsanne you are the one.I asked how you liked your hammock and
      you replied,"Best nights sleep I've ever had ,I've used two Deet's
      already if someone find a cure for these d#*# mosquitos!!"
      I was sold.

      RE: your HH straps, Try the ice first, then if it doesn't work I'd
      Goo Gone(magic american corp) please read the direcion first and do
      a test and rinse very well.

      Good luck George

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