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2186# of wraps on tensionless tie-off/hitch

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  • Jim & Marlis Greenway
    Jul 26, 2003
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      I typically use at least two full wraps plus the last one which hooks back
      into the suspension line. I've been limited because the trees I've used
      lately were fairly large. I also don't like a really long length of webbing
      between the tree and the hammock. My plans are to replace the existing
      webbing on my Speer with longer ones. Longer webbing should permit more
      flexibility in tree selection & more wraps. Insofar as repacking my Speer w/
      the longer straps, I'm experimenting with folding the webbing once
      ("doubling it over"), then "daisy-chaining" it to shorten it in an
      easy-to-find, tangle-proof way. If you're a "pack stuffer" like I am, trying
      to chase down those webbing ends is a little frustrating when setting up

      Jim G.