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2171The Safari

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  • tonydemarco66
    Jul 24, 2003
      Does anyone else own the Safari?

      I was surprised by a couple of things.

      1st, no clipping the fly to the hammock lines on both ends twice.
      Only the tensioner related fastening.

      2nd, two tie outs on both sides of the fly, which is now a
      symetrical, sort of diamond shape (there are little pockets built in
      to the corners, to stuff the guy-lines).

      3rd, the rainfly is of a significantly thicker nylon product. It
      seems much more two-sided than on the E, inasmuch as one side is of
      a very different texture, and I wonder which side for sure, I should
      have facing up.

      Having said that, it is much roomier. I haven't experimented with
      it much yet, but I think it will be more comfortable.

      It was much more difficult to pack away with the 'snakeskins' due
      largely to the thicker, bigger rainfly.

      Also, I thought I had read some reviews of the Safari which
      indicated some kind of zipper entrance, but this has the standard
      velcro, which seems fine.

      Any personal observations with the product, would be appreciated.