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2170Hennessy Customer Service

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  • tonydemarco66
    Jul 24, 2003
      I wanted to pass along what I thought was really outstanding
      customer service from HH.
      I purchased the Expedition originally.

      After owning the E for about a month, and having slept in it maybe
      half a dozen times, at 6'3", ultimately thought I might be better
      served by the Big Dog: The Safari.

      On a whim, I emailed; info@..., and explained that
      while I had purchased the hammock originally from a place online
      called southsummit, I was wondering if I could upgrade through
      Hennessy, because southsummit didn't offer the Safari.

      Lo, and behold, I got an email from someone signing the
      email "Ann", and she informed me I could mail my hammock in, pay the
      extra $20.00+ shipping, and they'd send me out a Safari.

      I was very pleased, because I thought not having purchased it from
      them directly, originally, might be a big problem.

      The transaction went smoothly, and I now have my new Safari.

      Kudos, to HH