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211Re: Hammock Camping reality seting in

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  • Chet Clocksin
    Jan 19 4:47 PM
      Thanks to everyone for all the great ideas. I ended up with a cheap Coleman "ultralight" (their words, not mine)foam pad that is 24 x 72 x 5/8". I then bought a Windshield reflector (24 x 60) for 6 bucks that has the Tasmanian Devil cartoon character on one side, and silver reflector surface on the other. I put the reflector, silver side up, on top of the pad, then unzipped my mummy bag all the way to the foot box, climbed in and put my feet in the bottom of the bag and used the rest of it like a blanket. Other than some acrobatics getting in and keeping the pad situated on the diagonal, it worked very well, and the reflector never slipped off the pad. I could actually feel the warmth radiating from the reflector pad. I didn't spend the night in it, but did lay around for a while in 14 degrees, and I was fairly warm. I just wish both the pad and the reflector were a bit wider on the top half. I may buy another pad and reflector and cut them up to make "wings" (strips about 10 inches wide and 24 inches long) and duct tape them to the sides of my original pad, giving me a wider base for the top portion of the pad/reflector system, and also being "hinged", it may conform to the inside of the hammock where necessary. One other thing worth mentioning is the pad I bought is NOT the most flexible, and maybe a little higher quality pad or even a thinner pad would make it easier to use as far as folding up on an angle to get in the hammock. Its also a VERY bulky pad, and unless I cut some of the length off of it, I seems way too big to attach to my lightweight pack set-up, so I may have to go back to the drawing board to come up with something that works and that I can actually carry on a hike.

      David Chinell wrote:
      I use 1/4-inch evazote, 3/8-inch closed cell, and that Mountain Hardwear
      combination pad I keep mentioning. But so far only one at a time, not yet in
      combination or layers.

      I just spent all afternoon trying to get multiple pads arranged in my
      Tropical hammock, but it's a BIG pain in the cold spot.

      So for tonight I'm going with a long closed-cell pad between the hammock
      layers and a chunk of evazote big enough to wrap my shoulders inside the
      hammock -- I'll be pulling it around me after I get in -- like a shawl?

      All this is in conjuntion with the Speer Pea Pod, and the more layers of pad
      I managed to jiggle in there, the tighter the Pea Pod got around me, which
      compressed the insulation and defeated the purpose of the outside loft.

      It sure is handy being able to test this stuff in the back yard.


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