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    Feb 9, 2011
      Thanks for all your comments.
      I did try a night with the little dog in a $15 Grand Trunk Ultralight hammock.
      it was ok but the cheap hammock seemed a little small. The dog pretty much slept
      on my stomach or snuggled next to my chest. This was ok but I kept waking up to
      be sure he was alright. I was thinking maybe a better hammock would work better.
      Have been considering a Lawson?? We have camped together in a tent or in the
      back of the car several times and that worked out fine.
      In answer to other concerns:
      The little dog is always in a harness and on a leash.
      I use a Selk sleeping bag (the kind with arms and legs) so I don't have to get
      out of the bag to get out of the hammock.
      The little dog wraps up in or sleeps on a very small down comforter.
      The dirty dog issue is pretty easy to solve with a towel when the dog only
      weights 9# and he is not in my sleeping bag.
      Ticks; I use advantage monthly No fleas or ticks as of yet. We are in the woods
      or desert weekly for the past 3 years, in areas prone to ticks.
      Perry & Winston

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      That's an innovative solution to the warmth-under-the-hammock problem: Hang it
      low and park a large dog under it. I like it!


      From: Aaron spreadthelove777@...

      I have a yellow lab that I been hammock traveling with for 4-5 year now. He
      sleeps under the hammock but ontop of my hammock sleeve, so we both are in a
      cacoon of warmth together.

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