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20668Re: [Hammock Camping] New member and a problem

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  • Rogene Calkins
    Jan 4, 2011
      Hi Spidertattoo
      Welcome to this list.
      Sounds like you have a great place to hike and camp with your kids and have
      a plan for hanging.
      Good luck. I live near the Smokie Mt. and don't see a way to visit
      Washington state any time in this life time
      financially even so I'd love to hike in the Cascades or do the PCT. I have
      yet to hike the AT.
      Sorry I'm not on the hammock forum so can't help you out there.

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      From: "Jeffreydlamb" <jeffreydlamb@...>
      To: <hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2011 7:49 PM
      Subject: [Hammock Camping] New member and a problem

      Hi guys, new member here who needs help. I signed up a few weeks ago for a
      Hammockforums account. My account is partially inactive in that I can't
      post or reply to posts, like my account didn't get processed. I never got a
      confirmation email from any moderators either.

      I'm wondering if anyone here can help get the word to someone over at
      hammockforums.net that I need my account activated.

      My user name over there is SpyderTattoo.

      Now that business is taken care of, I'm brand new to hammock camping. I
      live in Washington State on the rainy side of the Cascade Mountains. Just
      got my first hammock (grand trunk) for Christmas. I'm already planning on
      making a couple whoopie slings for myself as soon as I order the amsteel for
      it. I'm having a guy I know who has a business making rifle slings, make me
      a couple of tree-huggers too.

      I've built myself a woodgas stove out of a 1qt paint can and progresso soup
      can just like that guy on the youtube videos. And I've made myself a couple
      backup alcohol stoves from coke cans. This is definately my new favorite
      hobby and I am so excited to get out there once the weather warms up.

      I've been taking my two boys on short backpacking trips during the past two
      summers to a place I used to go when I was in Jr High/High school. I just
      can't do it on the ground any more, I can't get any sleep, shoulders and
      back end up very uncomfortable which makes the next day suck. You all know
      where I'm coming from here...

      I'm not into cold weather camping yet, summer only. Besides, the forrest
      service road to get up the mountain where we go is all snowed in so even my
      4WD can't make it in there.

      If anyone in my part of the country would like to know about a super place
      to camp, PM me and I can send you info on where I like to go.

      Thanks for reading and for any help given to get my hammockforum account up
      and running.
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