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  • whitewaterpixie
    Sep 24, 2010
      Hi, I just started hanging this summer and am headed out this weekend to
      the Nantahala for the Festival and a little paddling. Seems like
      everywhere I go I talk to someone about hammocking and put them on the
      path to convert. :)

      My rig is an ENO Doublenest, ENO bug-net, Noah Tarp 9 and I changed my
      suspension to Whoopie Slings and Tree Huggers. I don't have the funds
      yet to buy an under quilt so I made a pad extender for my Thermarest and
      put Reflectix insulation in the wings(aluminized bubble wrap). This
      weekend will be my first test. I'll come back with my results. And will
      post some pics.

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