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  • sawyer7271
    Jul 2, 2010
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      X2 on Arrowhead Equipment: AHE: they have a set of ultralight buckles, either with or without an amsteel loop (called a Chain link.)

      Even with a set of cinch buckles, you should always tie a slippery half-hitch on the suspension strap... I've had my cinch buckles lower me quickly to ground when it wasn't aligned perfectly, and pulled off to one side.

      For the tree side, either use a carabiner or Dutch Clips, which can be found here: http://www.jacksrbetter.com/DutchClips.htm I'd avoid the d-ring due to your earlier hardware failures. Also, the dutch clip or carabiner setup would be faster and easier since you wouldn't have to remove the strap from your hammock...

      The problem with all the d-rings I've found (even welded ones) is that the forces on them are much higher than your body weight. The one's I've seen are rated to less than 200 pounds. If your suspension is too tight, the forces on the suspension are staggering.

      Another option would be to switch to descending rings. AHE has them as well, but the buckles are awesome. http://arrowheadequipment.webs.com/apps/webstore/products/show/1128958

      Oh: Paul (AHE Owner) has amazing customer service, and typically ships within a day.

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "wolfjeeper" <wolfjeeper@...> wrote:
      > Aloha Fellow Hangers
      > Im looking for any helpful information you might have
      > I Have a couple HH and I have been trying to go to a strap system as here in CA we have some darn Big Trees! what I've done is made straps with a D ring attached to one end and I wrap them around tree and through the ring. on the HH I attached 2 rings to my cord. my first setut worked great but the double rings broke after a couple of nights... :( verry sad Had to improvise then I bought beefier ones that had a weld all the way around not just tacked lol and they Keep slipping! its like they dont bind... I even tried this with triangles and it does the same thing?? I have to tie off the webbing cuz there just isint enough friction I guess... could this be because Im using a lighter and different material for the straps?
      > Any sugestions would be helpful... Thanks
      > Aloha I'll be Hangen Ten in my Hammock! Hope to see you there!
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