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  • wolfjeeper
    Jun 30, 2010
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      Aloha Fellow Hangers
      Im looking for any helpful information you might have
      I Have a couple HH and I have been trying to go to a strap system as here in CA we have some darn Big Trees! what I've done is made straps with a D ring attached to one end and I wrap them around tree and through the ring. on the HH I attached 2 rings to my cord. my first setut worked great but the double rings broke after a couple of nights... :( verry sad Had to improvise then I bought beefier ones that had a weld all the way around not just tacked lol and they Keep slipping! its like they dont bind... I even tried this with triangles and it does the same thing?? I have to tie off the webbing cuz there just isint enough friction I guess... could this be because Im using a lighter and different material for the straps?
      Any sugestions would be helpful... Thanks

      Aloha I'll be Hangen Ten in my Hammock! Hope to see you there!
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