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20570Re: Ultralightweight Backpacking and Hammocking

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  • egiese01
    Jun 21, 2010
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      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, B D <bd29162dc@...> wrote:
      > This is probably a stupid question; however, for some time, I've been thinking about ultralight backpacking and hammocking both of which I enjoy.
      > With weight reduction in mind, I was wondering how others have configured their equipment to accommodate both interests.
      to save on wieght for the hammock suspension i use whoopie slings, dutch clips and about 6 ft of 1 in webbing for the tree hugger, you can get rid of the bug netting shed a few more ounces anyway, i like my netting and take the wieght penalty, when i had my hammock made they used 1.1 ripstop also lightened it up, i prefer the hammock over ground more comfy!!!
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