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20567Re: Ultralightweight Backpacking and Hammocking

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  • farmpreacha
    Jun 17 9:18 AM
      B D,

      I would like to call myself an UL person, and this is my first post in this group, though I have been a member for years.

      All my gear fits into my ULA Conduit pack, and on my last trip 2 weeks ago, my Conduit was actually too big. I make all my hammocks, and my winter hammocks are pretty plain Speer style. My Summer (bug) Hammock is a DIY bottom entry, that has a sewn in bug net. I have 2 5oz Climashield XP quilts that I use when the weather is cool, and they weigh 1 pound each, and for Summer I use a very thin about 1oz Climashield quilt that weighs 10oz. I also use a 10X12 Silnylon Cat Tarp that my wife made that weighs 1 pound too. I use an Alcohol stove, and I purify my water using 2 drops of bleach to a liter of water.

      My 3 day pack weight 2 weeks ago with food, and 2 liters of water was 15.5 pounds, and I brought home an extra pound of food. I use a reflective winshield sun thing as a support for my pack, and also to put under me when the temps go below 70*. I could have gone a little lighter, but a sub 10 pound pack is always good in my mind.

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, B D <bd29162dc@...> wrote:
      > This is probably a stupid question; however, for some time, I've been thinking about ultralight backpacking and hammocking both of which I enjoy.
      > With weight reduction in mind, I was wondering how others have configured their equipment to accommodate both interests.
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